Duration of each program: UP TO 39 Hours

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This on line certificate program is designed to study the essential role of human resources management within healthcare organizations. It is required for health management students and recommended for health policy and finance students. In order to meet the challenges of the marketplace, organizations will need to improve the quality of the services they provide; streamline their clinical delivery and support systems, and transform their human resources management accordingly. The degree to which organizations manage the people issues will, to a great extent, determine the success of our health care institutions. This program serves as a comprehensive foundation for all aspects of human resources planning, development, and administration and is vital to both the human resources professional and the line manager.

Topics covered in the on line program:

1.      Challenges of human resource management in healthcare

2.      Healthcare HR standards

3.      Strategic HR management

4.      Job design and analysis

5.      Recruitment and selection

6.      Training and development

7.      Diversity and cultural competence

8.      Performance management

9.      Employee and labor relations

10.  Compensation and benefits

11.  Safety and security

This program provides students with the basic knowledge, skills, and work experience to become employable in various medical settings in administrative/clinical support capacity in any medical field.

Courses in this program are:

1- Business communication

2- Medical Office Procedures

3- Documentation and Medical Records

4-Data management Software

1 - The Canadian Health Care System

2 - Canadian Health care system components

3 - Canada and US Health Care Policies and Administration

4 - Principles of Health Administration and Management

Supplements - Labour Relations, Information management-Federal Government, Organizational behaviour, Management of Communicable Diseases, and Health Informatics