The principles of Good Agricultural Practices course is a 39-hour program that provides learners with a broad understanding of good agricultural practices.

Students will be introduced to theories and resources that promote good farming practices. You will also learn about data collection, analysis, uses and the importance of quality data in the agricultural industry.

After completion of the program, students will be better equipped and empowered to lead their enterprises or teams by making optimal use of resources sustainably to maximize production while preserving the environment.

After completing this course, the students will have more insight on:

  • Working with the existing ecosystem/environment.
  • Optimal resource use to maximize agricultural production.
  • Farm maintenance and its importance.
  • Quality data collection and record keeping practices.
  • Good Farming/Agricultural Practice standards and how to apply them in real world.
  • Ethical and social auditing processes and their importance in agricultural practice.

Note: This course is designed based on appropriate global agribusiness management standards.