Post Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Management, Business Process and ERP System

This course covers integrated business processes management using enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Many large organizations use ERP systems as the backbone for data collection and information sharing across all areas of the business. In this course, students will use an ERP software to examine how various business tasks or activities are managed, with particular attention paid to how these activities span across functional areas of the business. Students will develop an understanding of the many chains of interrelated events that must occur for any business to successfully serve its internal and external customers. Students will execute tasks for a fictitious business, carrying out activities related to sales order processing, credit and receivables risk management, pricing, procurement, material requirements planning, and production planning. Upon completion of this course, students will have developed a high-level view of the chain of information among and between functional areas of the business, and how the use of an ERP system can contribute to organizational efficiency.